Friday, June 8, 2012

A Hidden Paradise Part 1

The eastern portion of Malaybalay City has been a mystery to me since elementary since I can see the tall lush mountains looming from the distance. When I found out it is a part of Malaybalay City, my curiosity had driven me to explore the east, but because I'm still 10 y/o that time, I'm still afraid since they speak of armed people spreading terrorism in the area.

 The view of the eastern mountains of Malaybalay City as seen from the Two Trees (my previous post)

This year, I had a chance to discover its hidden mysteries as my friends and I went to a mountain spring resort at the same time a bible fellowship camp near Brgys. Kibalabag and Can-ayan boundary. We had our retreat there so we head on and stay there from June 1 to June 3, 2012.

My friends while our vehicle is heading towards the City Pool.

While on our way, We met the headwater of the Tagoloan River, the Can-ayan River, which originates in the  far eastern mountains in Brgy. Can-ayan.

The Can-ayan River (brownish in color because of the heavy rains in the past few days.)

After crossing the river, we went on to the high mountains as the road traverses northward. Then, I remembered seeing on the map that the road is leading to Barangays Kibalabag and Manalog and further north to the barangays of the Municipality of Impasug-ong.

These are the views of the mountains including some flatlands while going up:

The view of Brgy. Can-ayan Proper and the mountains we see in the City Proper including the Two Trees.

Because of December 2011's Bagyong "Sendong", a bridge going to the resort had been overflowed by the river and the bridge is a bit scary for the vehicle to pass.

 We have to walk across the overflowed bridge, We are only approximately 300 meters from the resort.

After a long ride and walk, we finally reached the resort. It is a cool place. The river which overflowed the bridge was the river that traverses inside the resort.

The session hall

The river. (Very COLD!!!!!)

The Cabin

The Bridge leading to the Kitchen on the other side of the river.

The swing which we have been playing with through-out our stay. (LEVEL 1 SWING)


I hope I can still explore further Brgys. Can-ayan, Kibalabag and Manalog and also the Upper Pulangi District of Malaybalay City. I know there are still more secrets waiting for me.

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