Thursday, August 9, 2012

Malaybalay City Night Shots

Finally, my dream of taking a photo of Malaybalay at night from Two Trees is finally realized! This afternoon, my friend and I went to the Famous Two Trees at 2pm to witness Malaybalay City's Display of Night Lights!    It may be awkward to wait for nighttime for me to capture it but I'm willing to wait just to see a glimpse of Malaybalay's nighttime scene.

Waiting for the night, we head on through the road traversing the mountains until we reached the view to Natid-asan , Brgys. Casisang, San Jose, Laguitas, Aglayan, Linabo, Simaya, and Managok. Its a breathtaking view! Mount Capistrano can be seen from where we are!

Mt. Capistrano as seen from the mountain range which holds the Two Trees.

The following pictures are the afternoon and nighttime images of Malaybalay City.

Malaybalay City Lights at night.

Sometime around 6pm while lying in Two Trees.

City lights by 6:40pm.

I never thought how wonderful Malaybalay looks like at night. I'm excited to take more nocturnal shots of the City, but this time, in its streets to have a closer glimpse of the City. I want to go back up and see the sea of lights soon. Maybe we could pursue our overnight camping trip next time.

I also wanna share this awesome sunset! The best sunset I've ever seen.

Sunset view from Two Trees.

As they say, sometimes, the best adventures are at our backyards, we just have to find it. Living in this 1st class component city has never bore me and I will never will. Kudos Malaybalay City!

Malaybalay City Afternoon and Night Photoshoot
August 9, 2012
Two Trees

Chowking Malaybalay Now Open to Serve You

After years of unconfirmed rumors, finally, Chowking Malaybalay is realized and now open to serve the citizens of Malaybalay City and Bukidnon. Last July, news aired that it would open this August. I'm excited since some of my batchmates and friends have jobs and they can treat me! hehehe. I also heard from my aunt that it would open either July 28 or August 8. To my surprise, it really did open in one of those dates (AUGUST 8, 2012).

Chowking Malaybalay is situated in front of Fuji Films near Plaza Rizal. It is a few meters from Gaisano Malaybalay. It is a two-story building, with the kitchen, order area and seats in the first floor and additional seats at the second floor.

As expected, people flood through the doors of Chowking so we decided to go at dinner time sometime at 8pm. Luckily, the store is still open and seats are finally available. Some dishes and desserts on the menu are not available due to the crowd during the day.

Chowking Malaybalay at night.

Sweet and Sour Pork, my new favorite!!

Eating at Chowking Malaybalay is a fun and satisfying one, especially when you're treated by your friends. Their utilities and comfort rooms are great and always clean despite the storm of people. Inviting everyone to come and eat at Chwoking Malaybalay, the newest foodchain in the City.

Close-up of Chowking Malaybalay's building.

AUGUST 8, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Malaybalay City's Nocturnal Side

There are many pictures which showcase a place during daytime. But I want to capture something different. As I thought of it, I had an idea - capturing the City at night. Its a challenging idea since photos look best in daytime than at nighttime yet I'm determined to capture nocturnal images.

As the City Schloars 1st General Assembly ended (my previous post), my Xtus Family and I went to a store near Gaisano Malaybalay and had a snack time to celebrate the program's success. Since I have a camera with me, I went to the highway and caught some nighttime shots of Malaybalay City (along Sayre Highway/Fortich Street near Gaisano).

Fortich Street (with Multicabs - local transportation vehicle - having Sumpong or Kalasungay destinations) and Gaisano Malaybalay in the background. 

Fortich Street (southward facing the City Plaza)

This blurred photo shows the upcoming Chowking Malaybalay. It is just in from of Fuji Films near the City Plaza. Rumors has it that it will open this August 2012.

Although I caught nighttime scenes, next week, my Xtus Family will have a camp out on Two Trees (my 1st feature of this blog). With the spectacular view of the City at daytime, I wonder what Malaybalay City would be at nighttime.

Malaybalay Night Photoshoot Volume 1
July 28, 2012
Barangays 4 and 5 of Poblacion, Malaybalay City

Barangay Kalasungay celebrates its Fiesta and Araw

Its that time of the year again, when Barangay Kalasungay celebrates it Fiesta in honor of St. Loyola. Since fiesta means food, I don't wanna miss such an opportunity to celebrate and of course - EAT - with the locals I know. It is also a chance to visit the barangay further north of Barangay Sumpong.

I'm too hungry to wait for other guest. Hehehe.

The FOOD TABLE! My most awaited sight during fiestas.

My friends and I had a fun time eating, story and joke telling, playing, and watching TV. My childish instincts got me and literally I felt like a kid again.

About 7pm, we decided to be on our way. Since Barangay Kalasungay is part of the road de/reconstruction, we got stuck in the traffic but fortunately a bus arrived and we had a safe ride going home. 

Traffic due to the de/reconstruction of Sayre Highway.

Barangay Kalasungay Fiesta
July 31, 2012
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

First Step in Empowering Youth - Malaybalay City Scholars 1st General Assembly

The City Government of Malaybalay had been supporting the Scholarship Program intended for low income and deserving students of the City. The program was started by former Mayor now Congressman Hon. Florencio T. Flores Jr. I was one of the beneficiaries of the said program and I can say it was a tough yet satisfying journey to maintain the scholarship. Hon. City Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri continued the program and enhanced it by approving a course to help the scholars in maintaining their scholarship and at the same time develop their productivity as citizens of the City.

Last July 28, 2012 , the City Mayors Office together with the Xtus Society (in which I'm a member) spearheads the 1st Scholars General Assembly. I was the host of such event and it was nerve racking since its my first time to host a huge event.

The City Scholars posing for the camera. 

The audience while listening to my hosting. (Don't know if they like my hosting but its not important.

After the program, Mr. Rodney M. Sarilla - head of Xtus Society - break to the scholars about the CHARACTER LEADERSHIP COURSE that they will all undergo in order for them to be helped in their academic and non academic life. The City Government approves to have it every last Saturday of the month. The 1st topic of such course will be on August 25, 2012.

This is just on of the programs improved by Mayor Zubiri. In October, Xtus Society will again spearhead a historical event - the creation of MALAYBALAY CITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL - which aims to involve the youth from different sectors - academe, gangsters, fraternities and sororities, etc. - in the development of Malaybalay City. It is a very big activity to prepare yet I'm excited to spearhead such event.

I'm very excited for the empowerment of the youth given by the City Government. I'm sure in the future Malaybalay would grow as a premier component city not just in Mindanao but in the whole Philippines.

Malaybalay City Scholars 1st General Assembly
July 28, 2012
Bukidnon State University Auditorium