Saturday, December 29, 2012


When I browse the internet, I always see other cities and their spectacular skylines and last December, I saw an amazing skyline of Valencia City captured from Musuan Peak. I said to myself "I should capture something like this of Malaybalay City - its own skyline!".

What is a skyline anyway? A skyline is the outline of a group of buildings or a mountain range seen against the sky. Skylines are very interesting to me because a city can be seen in semi aerial view and be photographed from a nearby mountain, a high roof or any other natural or artificial objects in which the city can be seen.

The skyline can be on a daytime perspective or a nighttime. What I really want is the nighttime view because it is the most unseen view of any place.

Although Malaybalay can be seen in the Two Trees with great perspective, its too far away and the buildings are too small. The lights are also dim (I had my blog post about the city lights from Two Trees on this blog. Read MALABALAY CITY NIGHT SHOTS ).

I'm looking for other vantage points and here's what I have in mind:

1. Mount Tralala
2. Gaisano Rooftop
3. Novo Rooftop
4. Sumpong View (the city as seen at the Bethel Baptist Hospital Area, photo below).

I'm calling this urge "THE SKYLINE PROJECT" which I'll execute on 2013. I'll be asking help and support from my co-bloggers and friends who knows different and great vantage points.

Hopefully I could get a great shot of Malaybalay City's skyline. i could also put it on Wikipedia to show beauty of the city.

THE SKYLINE PROJECT - the next big leap. Do you know any good vantage point/s?? Let me know.

Malaybalay City viewed near the Methodist Church in Sumpong. Much better view in the center of  the Sayre Highway but its dangerous due to vehicles passing by.
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Misa de Gallo in Malaybalay City

Its December 16!!!! The first day of the the much awaited "Misa de Gallo" or what others call "Simbang Gabi". This is a 9 day Pinoy tradition wherein Christians go to church every dawn from 16-24 in which we anticipate the coming birthday of JESUS CHRIST. The mass satrts at 4am and ends minutes before 6am.

As expected on the 1st day, seats were filled already by 3:30am! i have no choice but to sit at the back part of the church. It was not the position I like yet I'm determined to continue this leg.

People rushing to go out after the 1st day mass.

The San Isidro Cathedral.

People inside the cathedral at 3:30am.
I may not have completed the 9 mornings this year (I only went for 5 days),still I'm thankful that I reached that far. We should not go and complete the 9 mornings just for our long desired wish to come true, rather, we should go to anticipate and celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST.

Simbang Gabi 2012
San Isidro cathedral
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Christmas in Malaybalay's Air

While waiting for motorela fter work last December 12, a feeling just came in to me. I thought to myself "I should take pictures of the Bukidnon Provincial Capitol Christmas decorations". Without further actions, I immediately walked to the Capitol and capture some of the companies who displayed their creativity in the trees.

The entries of different companies for the province's "Light a Tree".
After taking shots in the Capitol, my feet suddenly delivered me to the City Plaza where it is also beckoned with Christmas decors.

The tall Christmas Tree in the center of the City Plaza.

Icons like this can be seen surrounding the Plaza.
Finally, I felt tired and drained from my photo walk. It was indeed unplanned but it was worth it. Christmas is finally in Malaybalay's vicinity. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!

Christmas Photoshoot
Bukidnon Provincial Capitol Grounds and Malaybalay City Plaza
December 12, 2012 (12-12-12)

Trip to the Southernmost Barangay

Located almost 30 kilometers away from the Poblacion (City Center), Barangay Apo Macote is geographically the southernmost barangay of the City. Known to locals as "PoApz" and "Apo" (not to be confused with Lake Apo in the neighboring Valencia City),the barangay can be reached via the National Highway connecting Malaybalay City and the neighboring municipality of Cabanglasan. Below is the route leading to Apo Macote:

From City Terminal:
1. Take a bus ride going south. (e.g. Valencia, Kibawe, Kadingilan, Tacurong, Wao) [Jeepneys and multicabs going to the Upper Pulangi District or Cabanglasan are also options, but for out of Malaybalay travelers, I'll use the public utility bus as referrence.]
2. Stop at Barangay Aglayan. This barangay is the meeting point of the Highways leading to Lantapan (west) and Cabanglasan (east).
3. Take either a habal-habal ride, multicab or jeepney. (Note: always ask for directions to avoid getting lost.)

You will pass by 5 barangays namely Barangays Linabo, Violeta, Simaya, San Martin and Sinanglanan.

Barangay Apo Macote Administration Building
Last November 25, 2012, my friends and I went to Apo to taste the locals' delicacies as they celebrate their fiesta in honor of "Kristong Hari". We traveled on motorcycle, in which I drove one of them. It was a hand cracking drive as we traversed the unpaved road. We started driving at 9AM and after 1 hour, we finally reach Apo and the place is at the middle of its celebration. People come and go and anticipating for lunch which is still 2 hours away. I've never been back to this place for 6 years, mainly because of its distance and I still don't have time. The barangay is the home of one of my aunt and that's where our home court is.

While waiting for lunchtime, I asked permission from my aunt if I could go to see the mighty Pulangi River which is very near. But then my friends also want to go so we traveled another 3 kilometers on wheels until finally we reached the bridge connecting Brgy. Apo Macote and Brgy. San Isidro of Valencia City.

The bridge connecting Apo and San Isidro. The Pulangi serves as the boundry of both the barangays and of Malaybalay and Valencia Cities. However, this bridge was destroyed by Typhoon "Pablo" last December 4, 2012.

Barangay Apo Macote Welcome Marker.

Barangay San Isidro Welcome Marker.
It was a spectacular site. The mountains, the fields, the river, its just WOW! The picture below shows the Pulangi River in either side of the bridge.

The Pulangi River. (Facing north from the bridge.)

The Pulangi River. (Facing south from the bridge. Musuan Peak can be clearly seen from afar.)
After taking some rest and snapshots, we head back to Apo because we're already hungry and its almost noon. While on our way, I caught some images of the surrounding fields and mountains.

Mount Capistrano.
A road leading to Barangay Bangcud.

Another view of Mount Capistrano.
It was a fun day, full of food and laughter. Hopefully next year I could go back. Visit and explore BARANGAY APO MACOTE - Malaybalay's southernmost barangay.

Barangay Apo Macote Fiesta
November 25, 2012