Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Endangered Spring of Cabangahan

When I was young, my father usually brought me along to his trip to Liguangan Spring which is located in Purok 1, Barangay Cabangahan. This spring is approximately 500 meters away from Sayre Highway and is owned by  my father's family friend way back in their time. I had visited and took a bath on it 5 times at that time but due to the busy life of being a student, I haven't visited it again until last September 1, approximately 10 years after my last visit.

The spring has clear and pristine waters and has an approximate length of 200 meters from its source up to its end point where it meets with the Sawaga.

Part of Liguangan Spring

This spring was my favorite getaway in my childhood days. I always ask my father to come here and have some swimming fun. We usually go here every Holy Week until 2002. Its waters are very cold and relaxing and if you soak yourself in you feel like you have no problems in life.

This year, I saw very great changes. The Sawaga, Malaybalay City's major river and a tributary of Pulangi River, has become large and has eaten land for its route. Sawaga forms a natural boundary between Barangays Cabangahan and Simaya and in the spring's location, once you cross the river, you have reached Barangay Simaya. I can also see the majestic Mt. Capistrano in the background.

Mt. Capistrano and Sawaga viewed from the spring.

Because of my excitement of being back in the spring, I went closer to Sawaga and capture some of its surroundings. I also traced the location where the Sawaga and Liguangan Spring meets.

Liguangan Spring is a tributary of Sawaga. In the picture above, Sawaga is the one in brown while the spring has very clear waters.

I went back to our site in the banks in the spring and had rest for a while. After 30 minutes, I went on to the source of the spring to capture it.

The head/source of Liguangan Spring.
Adjacent to the head water of the spring is the Sawaga which is approximately 3 meters away from their nearest points with each other. Clearly, floods brought about by recent calamities including "Bagyong Sendong" contributed to this new landscape and has eaten some land in its bank.

Sawaga's bank in which it is the nearest point to the spring. Sawaga has eaten its banks brought about by calamities.
Heading back to our site, I saw a part of the spring which is deep enough to swim. I immediately went down and captured the photo below. It was a stunning view!!! My feet are shaking because of the cold water. 

Probably my best shot of the spring. :D

I continued on with my trek back to the site by following the spring. When I arrived, I was stunned with the cold water of the spring. It gave me chills! Bbbbrrrrr!! The spring is also surrounded by old trees, evidence that the spring is old.

Trees like this can be found in the spring.
I'm very eager to swim once again on this lovely spring so I went on and swam on it (although parts of the spring has a depth up to my feet only, perfect for kids that's why I liked it when I was young). Finally, lunch is served and I'm very hungry because of my wanderings and photoshoot. We brought rice and cooked "Sinugbang Isda" and "Sinugbang Karne" which are my favorite outdoor dishes.

The kubo near our site.
The sun was very up a few hours ago but when 1pm struck, rainclouds suddenly crowd in the sky and by 2pm heavy rain poured and we went inside a kubo for shelter, but no rain can stop me from capturing the surroundings. Suddenly, I saw Sawaga overflowing itss banks and its current suddenly got stronger and faster!

Sawaga overflowing due to heavy rain pour and also the floodwaters from Malaybalay City proper.
 When I saw how mighty Sawaga is during flood, its no wonder why my father is fearing that the river might engulf the spring and the precious spring will be gone forever.

The flood in Sawaga caused current halt in the spring, causing it to deepen .
I was amazed with what I saw! Now I know that there is something to be done. Before Sawaga will engulf Liguangan Spring, I hope the Barangay Officials could see the endangered spring. It would be a great loss if it would be consumed by Sawaga. Nearby residents from both Brgys. Cabangahan and Simaya get their drinking water from the spring!

The spring during Sawaga flood. The spring became stagnant because of the current halt in its endpoint.
If anyone would like to visit the spring, local residents of Purok 1, Cabangahan can direct you to it. I hope there would be an action from the Local Government to stop Sawaga from engulfing the spring, many lives are depending on it.

Here are more pictures of Liguangan Spring:

Liguangan Spring Adventures
September 1, 2012
Purok 1, Brgy. Cabangahan


  1. wow.. nice one! kasali kaya to sa Tourohan sa Bukidnon? keep blogging:)

  2. The local officials through a private group should bring this to higher authority for development. A partnership scheme, life private-government partnership should be considered for the preservation of this spring.:-).

    Franz. Can we visit this someday? We bloggers?