Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Let's Map Up the City in the Forest" in Google Maps

Last August 25, 2012, the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society - a group composed of bloggers and photographers based in Bukidnon in which I'm also a member - met and join together with the aim to correct and edit Malaybalay City's map in Google Maps - an online map by Google in which it is widely used worldwide - because a traveler would really be lost if he will base his directions on Malaybalay's Google Map.

Engr. Bonzenti R. Panganiban, the society president, initiated the activity which is in entitled "LET"S MAP UP THE CITY IN THE FOREST" and called on help from General Santos City Bloppers (Bloggers and the same time Mappers) to guide us on how to use

The event happened at Green Ridge Restaurant and Apartelle located near the Old Provincial Hospital in Malaybalay City.

Green Ridge Restaurant and Apartelle - the venue of the Map Up.

I had a fun time during the seminar and workshop because I learned many things about editing Google Maps.  It was also the first time the BPBS members actually met and my co-members are very friendly and they are willing to help me and the others in map editing.

Sir Avel Manansala, leader of the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloppers, lecturing us on how to edit Google Maps.

Google Mapmaker.

Food! Food! Food! hehehe.

It was a fruitful activity considering the fact that in just one day we had many edits on the map. Next stop is Valencia City, Bukidnon and hopefully we could map up all of Bukidnon because our motto is:


"Let's Map Up the City in the Forest"
August 25, 2012
Green Ridge Restaurant & Apartelle
Brgy. 6, Malaybalay City

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  1. Yes! I finally found someone else who wants to improve the map of Malaybalay in Google Maps! I already sent an email to google about this issue last year but nothing has been done yet. I didnt know we could improve the map ourselves.
    Thank you for this. I've been wanting to improve the map since I went abroad so I could see my hometown even in googlemaps. KUDOS!