Friday, August 3, 2012

Malaybalay City's Nocturnal Side

There are many pictures which showcase a place during daytime. But I want to capture something different. As I thought of it, I had an idea - capturing the City at night. Its a challenging idea since photos look best in daytime than at nighttime yet I'm determined to capture nocturnal images.

As the City Schloars 1st General Assembly ended (my previous post), my Xtus Family and I went to a store near Gaisano Malaybalay and had a snack time to celebrate the program's success. Since I have a camera with me, I went to the highway and caught some nighttime shots of Malaybalay City (along Sayre Highway/Fortich Street near Gaisano).

Fortich Street (with Multicabs - local transportation vehicle - having Sumpong or Kalasungay destinations) and Gaisano Malaybalay in the background. 

Fortich Street (southward facing the City Plaza)

This blurred photo shows the upcoming Chowking Malaybalay. It is just in from of Fuji Films near the City Plaza. Rumors has it that it will open this August 2012.

Although I caught nighttime scenes, next week, my Xtus Family will have a camp out on Two Trees (my 1st feature of this blog). With the spectacular view of the City at daytime, I wonder what Malaybalay City would be at nighttime.

Malaybalay Night Photoshoot Volume 1
July 28, 2012
Barangays 4 and 5 of Poblacion, Malaybalay City

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