Thursday, August 9, 2012

Malaybalay City Night Shots

Finally, my dream of taking a photo of Malaybalay at night from Two Trees is finally realized! This afternoon, my friend and I went to the Famous Two Trees at 2pm to witness Malaybalay City's Display of Night Lights!    It may be awkward to wait for nighttime for me to capture it but I'm willing to wait just to see a glimpse of Malaybalay's nighttime scene.

Waiting for the night, we head on through the road traversing the mountains until we reached the view to Natid-asan , Brgys. Casisang, San Jose, Laguitas, Aglayan, Linabo, Simaya, and Managok. Its a breathtaking view! Mount Capistrano can be seen from where we are!

Mt. Capistrano as seen from the mountain range which holds the Two Trees.

The following pictures are the afternoon and nighttime images of Malaybalay City.

Malaybalay City Lights at night.

Sometime around 6pm while lying in Two Trees.

City lights by 6:40pm.

I never thought how wonderful Malaybalay looks like at night. I'm excited to take more nocturnal shots of the City, but this time, in its streets to have a closer glimpse of the City. I want to go back up and see the sea of lights soon. Maybe we could pursue our overnight camping trip next time.

I also wanna share this awesome sunset! The best sunset I've ever seen.

Sunset view from Two Trees.

As they say, sometimes, the best adventures are at our backyards, we just have to find it. Living in this 1st class component city has never bore me and I will never will. Kudos Malaybalay City!

Malaybalay City Afternoon and Night Photoshoot
August 9, 2012
Two Trees

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