Saturday, December 29, 2012

Misa de Gallo in Malaybalay City

Its December 16!!!! The first day of the the much awaited "Misa de Gallo" or what others call "Simbang Gabi". This is a 9 day Pinoy tradition wherein Christians go to church every dawn from 16-24 in which we anticipate the coming birthday of JESUS CHRIST. The mass satrts at 4am and ends minutes before 6am.

As expected on the 1st day, seats were filled already by 3:30am! i have no choice but to sit at the back part of the church. It was not the position I like yet I'm determined to continue this leg.

People rushing to go out after the 1st day mass.

The San Isidro Cathedral.

People inside the cathedral at 3:30am.
I may not have completed the 9 mornings this year (I only went for 5 days),still I'm thankful that I reached that far. We should not go and complete the 9 mornings just for our long desired wish to come true, rather, we should go to anticipate and celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST.

Simbang Gabi 2012
San Isidro cathedral
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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