Saturday, December 29, 2012


When I browse the internet, I always see other cities and their spectacular skylines and last December, I saw an amazing skyline of Valencia City captured from Musuan Peak. I said to myself "I should capture something like this of Malaybalay City - its own skyline!".

What is a skyline anyway? A skyline is the outline of a group of buildings or a mountain range seen against the sky. Skylines are very interesting to me because a city can be seen in semi aerial view and be photographed from a nearby mountain, a high roof or any other natural or artificial objects in which the city can be seen.

The skyline can be on a daytime perspective or a nighttime. What I really want is the nighttime view because it is the most unseen view of any place.

Although Malaybalay can be seen in the Two Trees with great perspective, its too far away and the buildings are too small. The lights are also dim (I had my blog post about the city lights from Two Trees on this blog. Read MALABALAY CITY NIGHT SHOTS ).

I'm looking for other vantage points and here's what I have in mind:

1. Mount Tralala
2. Gaisano Rooftop
3. Novo Rooftop
4. Sumpong View (the city as seen at the Bethel Baptist Hospital Area, photo below).

I'm calling this urge "THE SKYLINE PROJECT" which I'll execute on 2013. I'll be asking help and support from my co-bloggers and friends who knows different and great vantage points.

Hopefully I could get a great shot of Malaybalay City's skyline. i could also put it on Wikipedia to show beauty of the city.

THE SKYLINE PROJECT - the next big leap. Do you know any good vantage point/s?? Let me know.

Malaybalay City viewed near the Methodist Church in Sumpong. Much better view in the center of  the Sayre Highway but its dangerous due to vehicles passing by.
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

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